In support of decentralised technologies

Datacenters in the Nordics

Setting up medium to large operations and hosting services for international clientele, NegentroBit has brokered over 100MW of electric capacity for the datacenter industry in the last two years.

NegentroBit runs own operations as well, with available capacity less than an hour drive away from Oslo, providing A to Z hosting services with tailored solutions, according to customers needs.

NegentroBit together with international partners are working all over the world, to locate places with optimal conditions for the datacenter industry.

Datacenters in Central Asia and Russia

NegentroBit secured datacenter locations with above 200MW of green hydro-electric capacity, with highly competitive prices in locations with preferable tax environments and optimal weather conditions.

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Project Management

NegentroBit provides full follow-up and support during the implementation period. In accordance with customers needs, we provide anything from full project management and execution, through reporting, quality control of suppliers and/or local customer representation.

Equipment Supply

From cooling systems through data containers to the servers themselves, NegentroBit will support your business to locate suitable suppliers and service providers in accordance with your special needs.


Do you wish to set up a mining related datacenter operation, but have no experience with the special requirements of the processors,  the necessary electric infrastructure, the network requirements, the ventilation or the configuration itself

NegentroBit can support with as much, or as little as is suitable for your needs. 

Looking for a Datacenter location that suits your exact needs?



Datacenter Location Brokerage

With a vast international network, NegentroBIT negotiates and secures datacenter locations around the world according to the preference of our clients. 

Contact us if you are searching for high capacity locations of specific charecteristics, and our international network will locate a suitable greenfield or brownfield location for your future projects.