NegentroBit provides consultancy services and business support in the following areas:

  • General support for startup businesses and young organisations
  • Services for solid businesses wishing to document their procedures
  • Cryptocurrencies, how to accept, how to account etc
  • Norwegian representation of foreign companies
  • Oslo-representation of local companies
  • Blockchain R&D for new industries
  • Security and intelligence
  • Project management
  • HR and Headhunting services in the Blockchain community

People. Change. Performance.

For solid businesses

Need to cleanup and redefine your Standard Operational Procedures?

  • Assure your supply chain is optimised
  • Need new HR strategies and procedures
  • Wish to consolidate job descriptions and set up SMART KPIs?
  • Need better accounting reporting procedures?
  • Help with board file consolidation?

Let us assist, so you can focus on your core.

For Startups

Have an excellent idea but not sure how to bring it to market?
We will support you in your first steps towards realisation:

  • Consolidate a solid business plan
  • Calculate expected ROI for investors
  • Make a 0-5 year budget plan
  • Build a website
  • and create your first marketing content together with you
  • etc.

Nordic representation for foreign companies

Have a successful business and would like to explore your options of expanding to the Nordics without absorbing overhead and administration costs related to setting up your own offices?

NegentroBit will set up a tailor made representative office for you, in central Oslo, providing marketing material dispatch desk, secretarial services and an Oslo address for your company, for a fraction of the cost.

Oslo representation for local companies

Do you have a successful business with Headquarter in other big cities in Norway and wish to have a representative office in Oslo as well? 

Contact us for a non binding conversation to find out how we can assist you reach your objective without the hassle of office management and staff recruitment. 

Private Security & Intelligence Services (NPSI)

As a complimentary service assuring our operations are always on the right side of the law, we provide an array of security services. From security Risk Management to consulting solutions, using our global network of high ranked intelligence personnel and cutting-edge technologies, we are able to identify, manage, and mitigate any risk.

  • Strategy-implantation
  • Cyber intelligence solutions

Active defence layers against cyber-attacks, data-leakage and other organisational threats

  • Uncovering negative campaigns
  • Hacking Simulation
  • Data Leakage Assessment
  • Darknet targeted threats
  • Cyber Forensics etc

Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain innovation

Learn how your business can benefit from implementing blockchain based solutions.

Organise a blockchain session for your employees to keep updated with the latest technological developments.

Invite a Blockchain presentation for your board meeting.

Don’t stay behind!


Think its time for you to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment method in your business but not sure how it can be done?

Learn how to properly report and account for income in cryptocurrencies.

Interested to learn how to mine cryptocurrencies as an additional income stream for yourself or your business?

Let us assist.

Headhunting for the Blockchain Industry

Looking for Blockchain/DLT literate personnel to carry forward new visions?

BITconsult is building up a network recording talents, experience and expectations in the blockchain ecosystem.

Contact us and we will help you locate the most suitable candidate for your new position.


None of the content in this web site, and or any of the consultancy or support sessions are to be considered as financial advise, legal advise or investment advise. By using our websites, content or services you acknowledge this disclaimer.