Blockchain startup accelerator

NegentroBit and partners are in process of building up a Blockchain accelerator in Norway.

Focus would be on decentralised and distributed technological innovation with either strong social impact or substantial disruptive nature.

We are currently looking for adequate teams and partners to join the race.

For startups

Do you have a great idea based on distributed technology or similar?

Make contact and tell us about your project.

If you already have a solid business plan, signup for our pitch event.

If you have a good idea, but are unsure on how to bring it to market, BITconsult can assist you getting your business plan in place.

For Investors

Seeking an opportunity to get on board the Blockchain hype? 

We are looking for investors and partners that recognise the huge potential of Distributed Ledger Technology and how it will disrupt business in the coming years. 


Do you have a business in any of the following segments and wish to assure your positioning as Blockchain friendly?

Support the needs of our future startups and gain both future customers as well as the necessary expertise to lead your field into the required adjustments. We are seeking partners in the following fields: Accounting, auditing, legal, insurance, banking etc.


Do you have a solid business experience that can be of support to our emerging startups

Join us as a mentor and establish your reputation in the Blockchain community. Required fields of expertise are business administration, strategic planning, compliance, financial planning, marketing, sales, etc.

Contact us today!